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ticket from first concert

Click on each concert, to read what I've written about that show/night. I have tried to write interesting stories about what happened before, during, and after the shows, as I saw it. (Actually, I've written the story of my Daniel-fandom, and all my interactions with the man, through these shows.) I've left out some things that I think are too boring/trivial, too personal/private, or too embarrassing (to me). And, I'm sure I've forgotten some things, since some of these shows were quite a while ago.
(Note: there is a rumour going around that I tried to visit Daniel at his home, uninvited, by myself. IT IS TOTALLY UNTRUE!!! It is either a case of mistaken identity, or a distortion of what really happened in Los Angeles, CA, on April 26, 2002, which I've written about in this section.)
The song lists for the second and fourth concerts were written up by me after I got home. So, they may not be entirely correct.

April 26, 1988 - Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA - Love and Rockets with The Mighty Lemon Drops and The Bubblemen

August 31, 1989 - Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA - Love and Rockets with The Pixies

October 2, 1989 - Constitution Hall, Washington, DC - Love and Rockets with The Pixies

June 18, 1996 - Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA - Love and Rockets with James Hall

March 20, 2002 - Club Laga, Pittsburgh, PA - Daniel Ash with Lennon

March 28, 2002 - The Continental, Buffalo, NY - Daniel Ash with Global Village Idiots and Lennon

March 29, 2002 - Little Brother's, Columbus, OH - Daniel Ash (no support)

April 26, 2002 - Roxy, Los Angeles, CA - Daniel Ash with System Syn and Harlow

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