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March 29, 2002 - Little Brother's, Columbus, OH - Daniel Ash (no support)

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Danny's autograph and Bubbleman drawing


Less than 24 hours after being at the Continental in Buffalo, New York, I found myself in a different club - in Columbus, Ohio.
The drive between the two places is long enough, and it had been a late night in Buffalo. My knees were still sore from dancing myself stupid in Buffalo. And, it was going to rain. But, I donned my "gothic priestess" outfit (that's what I call it!). (After I caught the last 15 or 20 minutes of a live, in-studio interview with Danny, from a radio station, CD101.1 FM, that was very close to our hotel - maybe 7 or 8 blocks, 1/3 mile away! (See the "Pictures" section for pictures of Danny at the radio station.) Then, Jen and I headed out - part two of our road trip.

The Show (8:20 PM - 9:30 PM)

Set list:
Come Alive/Trouble/Walk On The Moon/Get Out Of Control/Sweet FA/Spooky/So Alive/Ghost Writer/Christian Says/Mirror People/Slice Of Life/American Dream
Encore - Ok This Is The Pops/Go!

This show wasn't very well attended, but then, it had been added to Danny's itinerary only the week before.
Jen and I took our spots at the edge of the stage, in front of Danny's mike. The stage at Little Brother's is really high up - a person could get a sore neck looking up at someone on it.
The show was okay. I tried to pay attention to what was happening, but it was a little hard to do. The show had nothing exceptional about it.
There are some little things I remember about this show, though. Danny was having problems seeing the back of the venue. The person standing next to me, a woman named Lauren, reached up and grabbed Danny's foot, when he went to the very edge of the stage. (She had previously asked me if Danny's ex-wife was from around Columbus. I had never heard that before, so I had no idea.) Danny's pants started falling down during "Mirror People", and he had to yank them up. (He was wearing lovely, black pants with a lace-up fly, and a black t-shirt - the same outfit he wore the previous night in Buffalo.) Coincidentally, my tights started going down during the same song - not the same time as Danny's pants, though. And during "Go!", I did get a chance to sing into the mike!


We didn't have a long wait for Danny to come out, and he sat down at the bar.
While I was waiting my turn to talk to him, his band came around. The drummer, John, recognised me from before (I'm not sure which show/shows). We had a nice little chat. Then the bassist, Mike, came by and I spoke a bit to him. He wasn't quite as friendly as John, he was a bit more reserved. Or maybe he just didn't like me.
When I got to Danny, I first had him sign my copy of the book, "Dark Entries". (That's what he did, in the picture on the top of this page.) Then, I asked him if he had read what I had given him the night before. He said he hadn't, and that there was a lot of stuff for him to get to. I told him that I was thinking of seeing yet another of his shows, one of the ones on the West coast, in April. (Am I a glutton for punishment, or what?) He said I should go to the one in Los Angeles, since it would be the end of the tour, and it would be a really good show. He had to ask his manager, Chris, who was sitting next to him, when the LA show was. I said I had never been to Los Angeles, so I figured I could go to that show. I got him to promise to buy me a drink if I went out to LA, and we shook on it - Danny using his left hand, since the other one was still hurting him from the accident that had happened at the beginning of the tour. Then I said, "Well, sweetie, we gotta leave" as we commenced the hugging and kissing. (It occurred to me later, that the only thing I ever call "sweetie", is my cat!)
When I turned around to leave, a woman who was standing behind me, said she couldn't believe that I had hugged Danny! I told her that it was no big deal, I did that to him all the time. She was really in awe then. I told her to get her own Danny embrace - I hope she did.
Jen went back into Little Brother's maybe 20 or 30 minutes after we had left, and she told me that Danny and Chris were still sitting at the bar. I wonder if they stayed until the next band played, (that's why Danny's show was so early, the club had already had another act scheduled for that night.) If I had been by myself, I would have stayed with them. But Jen wanted to go eat, and since she was my ride, I had to leave Danny behind.

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