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Links - Yicks! All the links to other Daniel sites are no longer working (or go to strange places)! I should have checked them sooner. Sorry about that. Anyway, I've removed the old links, and added a new one to his facebook page (I don't know if it's run by him or someone for him, though). (7 February 2015)

Links - I've removed the link to my MySpace page (since I never do anything with it anymore), and added a link to my 9/11 site at its new address (I returned it to the web last year). (30 April 2011)

Links - I've added a link to Daniel's MySpace page. Yes, this really is his own page (apparently).
I've also removed the link to because the site no longer exists. (29 April 2010)

Contact Me - I've made a regular web page for information on how to email me if you'd like to do so. (14 January 2010)

Concerts - I've added pictures of newspaper ads for five of the shows, to the page for the appropriate show. (21 June 2009)

Concerts (October 2, 1989) - I've put the picture of the backstage pass on this page. (19 June 2009)

Concerts (March 28, 2002) - I've removed the pictures of Danny's pick. I still have it, though. (19 June 2009)

Pictures & Concerts - I've removed the pictures that were there - the ones I had bought at a record convention years ago - partly because I don't have them anymore. Instead, this is now a section for the pictures from the Buffalo, NY concert that me and Jen took, and the ones of Danny at CD 101.1 FM radio station in Columbus, OH. I've also made the appropriate adjustments in my writings of those two concerts. (18 June 2009)

Home - I've changed the phrase "A personal site about Daniel Ash" to "A personal view of Daniel Ash", since that's now a very good description of this site. (18 June 2009)

Site - Yet another move for this site, since Yahoo has announced that they're closing Geocities later this year. (18 June 2009)

Concerts (October 2, 1989) - I've removed the link to the picture of the backstage pass. (19 September 2008)

Site - I told myself I wouldn't bother upgrading the code for this site anymore, but I couldn't help it - I had to make the same kind of changes that I've done to my other web sites recently. There aren't many differences that most people will be able to see, however, except the font, and what happens if you print one of the pages. (BTW, most pages only print entirely if you first get rid of that stuff Yahoo/Geocities adds on the side in most browsers.) The biggest changes are that anyone looking at this site without javascript is now able to see the navigational menu at the top of the main pages, and the whole site is now more accessible than before. (19 September 2008)

Links - I've removed the last three remaining pictures of Love and Rockets pins, and added them to this (the "What's New") page. (2 November 2007)

What's New - I've removed the picture of the Love and Rockets rosary from this page. (29 October 2007)

Concerts (March 29, 2002) - I've added a small detail. (19 May 2006)

Concerts (March 28, 2002) - I've added a picture of me that was taken this night. (19 May 2006)

Home & Concerts pages - Since no one has been mature enough to confront me directly about it, I've added a comment on these two pages about a rumour that's been going around about me in relation to Daniel. (THE RUMOUR IS TOTALLY UNTRUE!!!) (19 April 2006)

Site - Another major round of changes:

(7 March 2006)

Concerts (April 26, 2002) - I've added a few small details. (11 February 2006)

Front - I've removed the links to the American Red Cross and The Network For Good. (5 December 2005)

Pictures - I've removed the pictures of the Bauhaus postcards, and rearranged the remaining pictures. (8 November 2005)

What's New - I've removed this from the "Site Info" page, and put it as a separate section from the navigational menu. (26 October 2005)

Site - I've made two behind-the-scenes changes, which shouldn't be noticeable to anyone. I've put the navigational menu in a .js file. Also, I've changed every page from HTML 4.0 to 4.01, (which just meant changing the version number on the top of every page). (26 October 2005)

Site - I've drastically changed this site. (It was either do that, or delete the site altogether.) Here's all the changes:

(25 October 2005)

Home - I've made some small changes to this page. (11 October 2005)

Links - I've added a link for Bauhaus Musik, the official Bauhaus website. (5 October 2005)

Front - I've added links for places where you can make a donation to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Please help! (8 September 2005)

Articles - There was one other thing I could do to make the HTML for these even better. It's nothing anyone should notice, though. (1 September 2005)

Articles - I've updated and rewritten the HTML on all of these. I've also done some editing to fix mistakes that were caused when I scanned/typed up the articles for this site - mostly, punctuation, spacing between words and wrong letters. There was one article that had a whole line messed up! I also changed the paragraphing for a few articles. There's probably some mistakes I didn't catch. If you see them, please tell me. (30 August 2005)

Site - I've updated and rewritten the HTML on all the pages, except any of the articles. (I'll do those later.) Most visitors shouldn't see any changes, except for a few little mistakes I corrected at various spots. (19 August 2005)

Pictures - I've rearranged these a little bit, so that now, there's no more than 15 on a page. (16 July 2005)

Site - Major change! I've finally put in a new navigation system. It combines several of the colours of the last system, with a bit of the original system, and a bit of something new. This new system should be viewable by all browsers and operating systems. (12 July 2005)

Articles on the Web - I've added a link to an article, "The Hurricane's Eye" from (14 June 2005)

Site history - I've added the picture of the Love And Rockets rosary that used to be on the "Music" page. (10 June 2005)

Music - Sorry, I've decided to remove the music mp3s. (27 May 2005)

Articles on the Web - I've added a new section of articles. Some of them are links to articles that are on other websites, and some are my copies of articles that used to be on other sites. (27 May 2005)

Site - It's been moved again! Hopefully, this is the last time. (27 May 2005)

Site - I've made some changes to some articles, to fix mistakes that occurred when I scanned them. (29 May 2004)

Articles (1991 - 1994) - Somehow, I never posted the first three paragraphs of "Daniel Ash - Coming Down To Earth" from Alternative Press, Issue #38, 1991. I've finally included them. (26 May 2004)

Articles (1991 - 1994) - I've added an album review of Hot Trip To Heaven from Select magazine, October 1994. (22 May 2004)

Links - I've added a picture of a new pin. (1 April 2004)

Concerts (April 26, 1988) - I've added a few small details. (22, 23, 24 March 2004)

Concerts (March 20, 2002) - I've added another small detail. (20 March 2004)

Site - I've just recently discovered that there were several things on this site that didn't work in Netscape. I'm working on changes so that my Netscape visitors can see everything. (11 January 2004)

Site history - If you're interested, here's the story of how and why I created this site. (20 November 2003)

Concerts (October 2, 1989) - I've added another small detail. (31 October 2003)

Letter to the NME - I've added a letter I wrote to the UK music paper, the NME. They never published it. (18 October 2003)

Backstage Pass - I've moved it from the "Other" section, to a link from the page about the appropriate concert, October 2, 1989. (18 September 2003)

Site - Yes, there are no longer any of those highly annoying pop-up ads on this site! I've decided to give in, and pay the Tripod people a few dollars every month to upgrade my account. (26 August 2003)

Site - Another behind-the-scenes technical change that you shouldn't notice. This time, I've turned the style commands for every page on this site into css files.(18 August 2003)

Site - I've changed the navigational menu bar a bit. But it's a technical change that you shouldn't notice. Please tell me if there's any new problems with it. (7 August 2003)

Concerts (April 26, 2002) - I've added a link to someone else's write-up of this show. (21 July 2003)

Articles - I've added a "print" graphic to every article, so that you can print the page without using your machine's toolbar. Just a little site tweak. (1 July 2003)

Music - I've added a picture of my latest goodie - the Love and Rockets rosary. (14 June 2003)

Press kits (1994) - I've added this to the collection. (5 May 2003)

Pictures - I've added new pictures. Also, I've done some rearranging, and added a new page 3, with the old page 3 becoming page 4. (5 May 2003)

Articles (1980 - 1983) - I've added this whole new section of articles.(5 May 2003)

Concerts (April 26, 2002) & Music - I've replaced the name of the song, Track 14, with its actual title, Lights Out. (27 April 2003)

Concerts - I've added a few little extra details to my writings about the concerts/nights in 2002. Also, I'd added two pictures of Danny at a Columbus, Ohio radio station. (22, 28, 29, 31 March, and 26 April 2003)

Articles (1985 - 1987) - I've added an album review of Express from Music Connection, November 10-23 1986. (18 February 2003)

Press kits (1986) - I've added this to the collection here. (18 February 2003)

Pictures (Page 2) - I've added three new pictures on this page. (4 February 2003)

Articles (1989) - I've added an article and an album review from Alternative Press, July 1989. (4 February 2003)

Site - The whole site's been moved, and the navigation has been (hopefully!) improved with the use of a navigational menu bar and "back to index" links. Also, the home page has been changed somewhat. (4 February 2003)

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