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June 18, 1996 - Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA - Love and Rockets with James Hall

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I never expected such a long wait for Love and Rockets to come back. And after awhile, I pretty much didn't expect them to ever reform.
I didn't really like Hot Trip To Heaven. I tried to like it - I played it enough - but, I never could get into it. Same with The Glittering Darkness. But by then, I had turned to other music, anyway.
Then came Sweet FA. I eventually bought it. And liked it.
I wanted to go to Cleveland, Ohio to see L&R in concert on Easter night, but it was more important to me that I visit with my family that day. So, I hoped the band would come to Pittsburgh.
And they did! The afternoon of the show, I was running a bit late, so I decided to call the venue and make sure there was an opening act. I didn't want to miss L&R, but I really wanted to give myself more time to get ready. Now, Metropol is notorious for there usually not being anyone around to pick up the phone. But, to me, it was worth a try. And, someone did answer. Someone with an obvious English accent. After I found out what I called for, I asked this person where he was from. He said England. I asked if he was with L&R. He said he was Patrick, their manager! This guy didn't seem like he was in too big of a hurry to hang up the phone, and I could hear someone's soundcheck in the background - the opening act. Eventually, Patrick said he'd leave a ticket for me at the box office, even though I said I already had one.
When I got to Metropol, I found Patrick had left me a ticket. (I think I told the box office person to give it to the next person who needed one.) And I asked her what the guy looked like, just so I could meet him, put a face to a name, and say thank you, etc.

The Show (9:15 PM - 10:45 PM)

(in order) -
Body And Soul (on PA before the band)/Ball Of Confusion/So Alive/Rock On
(in no particular order) - Sweet Lover Hangover/Use Me/Judgement Day/Natacha/Spiked/Clean/The Light/No New Tale To Tell/Slice Of Life/Mirror People/(a cover of Beatles song)/Holiday On The Moon (maybe encore?)
(in order) Encore - Kundalini Express/Yin And Yang (The Flowerpot Man)

I think the band were great. I don't really remember the show too well. I do remember Danny was wearing what looked like black leggings, and a blue shirt with gold or silver stars (I think that's what they were) on it. I also remember losing sight of Danny, when he laid down on stage, during one of the encore songs. And I remember telling myself that somehow, I was going to meet him afterwards. I just felt lucky.


And right after the show, I found Patrick. I thanked him for the ticket he left for me. And just as he was ready to walk away, I worked up my courage, and said, "Um... can I meet Daniel Ash?" He thought for a second, then said yes, but it would be awhile. Okay, I'll wait!
And wait I did. For quite a while. Meanwhile, Patrick passed me several times, and kept talking to me each time.
Finally, at almost 11:30, the security guys who were blocking the backstage area left, and some other fans went back. I waited until they left.
I looked into the room, and saw Danny sitting on a couch, with two women sitting around the room. I stuck out my hand, strode right over to him, looked him right in the eye, and said, "Hi, my name is Vivian." (Later, I wondered where I got the courage to not be a quivering mess!)
Danny and I had a lovely little chat - maybe ten minutes long. I told him this was the fourth time I had seen him, but he seemed disappointed that I meant seeing him ever, not just on that tour. I started talking about the DC show in 1989, when he was acting terribly, he said he didn't remember that. When I started to remind him, he touched my arm, and said he didn't want to hear it. I made a big deal about it being so long since he had last been in town, and told him to not take so long to come back. I told him I didn't really like his last solo album, Foolish Thing Desire - I couldn't relate (lyrically) to it. He said a lot of people told him that. I said I liked the first solo album, Coming Down, he said it was written during his divorce. I said I had read that, and that it had come out when I was going through a bad time, also. Then, I added, (more to myself), "Actually, I'm not doing too well these days, either". The next thing I know, he's hugging me! I'm being totally embraced by him! For this one moment, he wasn't a rock star - he was just an ordinary person comforting someone who needed it. And, maybe trying to transfer some of his own optimism and positiveness to me. (Yeah, that sounds a bit weird, but you never know.) I don't think everyone would have done that. When I realised he wasn't letting go right away, I really squeezed him. (He had gotten off the couch before this - when I tried to sit on the couch's arm. I think he was afraid of me getting too comfortable. Actually, my feet were killing me - I was trying to get off a heel spar!)
And then he walked out the door, with me following, into a group of fans wanting autographs, etc. I found Patrick again, and really thanked him for letting me go backstage. He said he knew I was a fan, so that's why he did it. Nice guy!
Maybe ten minutes later, I was around the corner, waiting for my bus to go home, when a car drives by, with Danny riding in the back. He saw me, held up a bottle to me in a toast, and shouted "Happy Christmas!" I think I said something back.
For more than two years before this night, I had been suffering from depression, and recovering from a complete breakdown. Danny's kindness didn't cure me, but it put me in such a great mood, that I could do what I needed to do to help myself. I thought that if a complete stranger thought I was worth being nice to, then maybe I was worth enough to be nice to myself, and maybe I was capable of helping myself. Amazing how much power one little act of kindness has!
I later wrote a poem, styled after Leigh Hunt's poem "Jenny Kissed Me". To read it, click here: "Danny Hugged Me!"

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